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Month: July 2019

Children are a gift from God

Just want to give this short testimony and thanks to God for the handsome son he blessed me with but not only he being my son but the anointing on […]

Halfway house in ft worth Tx I went to visit a brother from prison today that was released 3 weeks ago after serving 25 years on a 30 year sentence he is a black brother staying in this some what of a halfway house and is one of the best brothers in Christ Jesus I met when I was in prison and didn’t know him that long and I will explain why ? In 1995 I was in the county jail for a year then was given a 17 years sentences from there I was sent to Abilene to the Middleton unit for w 3 1/2 months from there I was transferred to buster cole for 19 months from the to Huntsville and then from there to rhe Lynaugh unit in fort Stockton for 8 1/2 years it was that unit where I met most of my strong Christian brothers but then my was was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 of July and she had me moved from the Lynaugh unit to powledge unit so I could be closer to her and home but I arrived at the powledge unit 11/5/2005 and just alittle over a month later my wife passed away on 1/26/2006 and I remember the pain and hurt I went thru with my wife passing away and then being in a new prison not really knowing any one because I had just arrived the month before to that prison this brother Waymond Wilson even tho we didn’t really no each other but as a brother in Christ Jesus God used him to help me cope with my wife’s passing in 2007 I was released and when home but this brother stayed there in prison for another 12 years and was just released and I went to visit this brother today after so many years and had a great time and told him I will be back next week and I will take lunch and more cloths I gave him a suit and some pants shirts and t-shirts because he no longer has family but when we served God we never forget to ones that helped us get thru and with Jesus I am going to help him and welcome him back into society we had a great time talking about what God has been doing in my life out here and what God was doing with him in prison I believe he will be part of Deep in the Word ministries soon he is eager to go back to prison to help those that are in prison amen 🙏🏻 just thought I would share this short testimony with you and next week hopefully next week I will record his testimony and post it on the website God blessed me with on YouTube and here on Facebook amen 🙏🏻Move page

Visiting a brother I did time with in prison that was released 3 weeks ago after serving 25 years on a 30 years sentence and no longer has family so […]

Proverbs 18:22

God Words says whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor of the Lord . This was the woman God did bless me with tho we were […]

Letter from an inmate

It is always a blessing to receive a letter from those behind the Razor wire when you really don’t feel or know if your testimony is an impact on the […]

God's Marvelous Light

In Your Darkest Moments, Find and Bask in God’s Marvelous Light

We can say we’ve seen marvelous light. Fireworks, cityscapes, the Northern Lights… all are lights we might consider marvelous. But, spiritually speaking, marvelous light has a more apt context. You see, as people prone to shoveling so much darkness in our lives, we forget we’re children born to bask in and share God’s amazing light.