10 Powerful Steps to Become the World’s Best Dad from Prison

My Dad was a great father even though he wasn’t a Christian man. When I was growing up he was a loving father, taking us out every weekend boat riding or fishing or to the movies. 🎥 Plus he worked 7 days a week but still made time for his children! My dad passed away 5 years ago but left a great example of what a father should be. I am also a father and I love my children with all my heart and gave them everything when they were young.

But I went to prison when my children were babies and even though I loved them I did not know how to be a true dad or father.  So I missed raising my children by being in prison most of their young years! But it was there in prison that God caught my attention and saved me and taught me how to be a Dad / Father.  Although my wife passed away one year before my release, God did prepare me to come back into my children’s life. I am blessed that God granted me mercy to experience being a dad now. It was by reading 📖 God’s Word and other books 📚 on parenting that brought me back home to be a father. So I want to share this teaching with you about 10 Things Scripture teaches us about being a father.

Life’s lessons are hard on some and harder on others but in all I can say “thank God for his grace and mercy and may all fathers / Dads have a blessed Father’s Day week” amen 🙏🏻

10 Powerful Steps to Become the World’s Best Dad from Prison







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