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Who’ll Pray For Me When Mama’s Gone – Minimum Security Sanders

Today at 6:30 Am 05/19/2019 Chaplin James Guerra with “Life On The Rock Ministries” and I (Evangelist Richard V. Sifuentes) with “Deep in the Word Ministries” went into G-Pod at the Minimum Security, Estes Sanders unit. We ministered and fellowshipped with the brothers behind the Razor wire.

Brother James started off with praying. Then I sang 3 songs for the brothers there. The songs were from John 3:16 , ‘Who’ll Pray for Me”, “When Mama’s Gone” and the final song was “Jesus is the only way”.  After that, brother James and I had a bible study 📖 with the brothers.

The bible study was on seeking God’s Majesty and strength. It was a blessing to have fellowship today with our brothers in the Texas prison. We go to this unit once a month as we do other units. We do it all for the glory of God and by his leading us to these places.

Sanders Estes unit Evangelist Richard V Sifuentes Chaplin James Guerra Sanders Estes Unit preparing to go into the unit to minister as the guard driving as watch man gave us permission to take these photos for ministry purpose Sanders Estes check in Sanders unit Sanders Estes unit – Minimum SecuritySanders Estes unitSanders Estes check in buildingSanders Estes unit Sanders Estes unit Minimum Securitytoday ministering to our brothers at the Sanders Estes Unit

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