Critical - Did you know it's a godly skill to avoid being over-critical?

Critical Much??

Did you know it’s a godly skill to avoid being over-critical?  Our world is hurting, friends, but if our answer to that pain is a Biblical spanking, we’re guilty of the same deception as our more commonly recognized ‘sinful’ behavior.

No, don’t ignore, perpetuate, or tolerate sin – it’s trying to kill, steal, and destroy from you and everyone around you, ALL the time! But according to Paul’s letter to the Church in Galatia, chapters 3-5, anger, jealousy, strife, and contention are listed with the lusts of the flesh. That’s because our response to behavior we exhibit or that comes against us is just as fleshly as what we’re angry about!

Instead, we’re supposed to respond with the fruit of the Spirit, with our feet firmly shod in the gospel of peace, which is far kinder than how we tend to react.

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WHY?? Isn’t it justifiable to be angry with what angers God? After all, isn’t that righteous indignation? It depends. Are we looking for excuses and approval for our emotions, or are we taking our thoughts captive and submitting them to Christ?

A better question, “Are we making things better or worse?”

A couple of things to consider:

God is love, and love never fails. Love always thinks the best of every person, and expects good at every turn. Love overlooks a suffered wrong, and bears up under all things. 

OUCH. That’s not easy to reconcile. Oh, He punishes evil alright, because Love is a Righteous Judge Who loves justice, which is vengeance – NOT vindication – and strictly belongs to HIM. As fellow heirs with Christ, Who already paid for it all and subjected His will and words to the Father, we are to do the same, seeing with His eyes, hearing with His ears, reaching with His hands, walking with His feet.

We’re made in His image and likeness, folks, we’re straight up LOVE energy in a body that has a tendency to bow it’s knee to the enemy because we haven’t understood this energy. We have the mind of Christ, which is the ‘mind of the anointing’  and do know the thoughts and purposes of Him. So recognizing sinful behavior correctly is actually recognizing the emotional currents that run opposed to ‘shalom’ or the peace of God in every situation.

CRITICAL – How is it possible to have peace in response to sin?

“It is finished!”

Our gracious Savior and Champion poured His own blood on the alter, and covered our sins as far as the east is from the west. He blotted out our transgressions – but not just for US, for the sins of the WHOLE world. When the Father turned His back on His Son, they BOTH AGREED that we are THAT valuable to Them, and allowed our debts to be paid with blood of the greatest value, God Himself. We’re NEW creations, living in an earth suit as Ambassadors of Heaven, and as such, bringing heaven to earth.

Energy is in constant motion. It never sits still. Everything we feel radiates from us, starting in our hearts and eventually coming out of our mouths.

As a man thinks, so is he. 

We ‘take thoughts’ when we speak them, Jesus said. We are to take no thought saying “what are we to eat or drink?” We are to be anxious for NOTHING, because it gives wrong thoughts a chance to grow, and eventually come out of our mouths creating the very things Jesus sacrificed Himself to end.

We can easily perpetuate the evil ripples of sin through anger, strife, and jealousy, hurting further than we realize. Those emotions disturb our entire planet, and give our authority to the wrong god. God’s Words won’t return void, but accomplish what He purposed them for, but  OUR words … ?? We have to pay close attention to what words we’re letting run around our heads because they’ll soon come out of our mouths and might just side with the enemy.

He sent His Word and it healed them.

His perfect will for us is peace. Jesus is the Word. This should make you smile! You can’t earn it!

We are assured that a love response – yes truth, yes correction – but wrapped in Wisdom, timing, love, delivered in kindness and examples of grace, give us MORE power over the strategies of the enemy than we can ever know.

The enemy MUST bow his knee, enemies that come against us one way must flee before us seven ways – our FAITH in HIS promises ensure that our shields are UP, quenching every  fiery dart of the enemy, in our families, in our communities, in our CHURCHES.

In response to addictions, in response to cancers, theft, untimely death, infidelity, and  ALL painful, cruel, damaging SIN we participate in or suffer the consequence of due to the actions of others, we’re to respond like Jesus, taking up our cross, meaning we intercede in love and bear the temporary pain, declaring the Truth in every situation for the greater victory to manifest suddenly.

The sex trafficked child and the pimp – BOTH need Jesus for this behavior to end. 

Forgive quickly – we’re not battling flesh and blood. The weapons of our warfare aren’t carnal, they’re MIGHTY. Like Jesus, call those things that be not as though they are, walk in His ways. Obstruct evil. Stand for right. Protect the broken – even from themselves. Don’t neglect the needs of your own flesh and blood. Give yourself a protective layer of godly intercessors and trust the One Born IN you for this day.

Because we ALWAYS win, He ALWAYS causes us to triumph, we are MORE than CONQUERORS and can praise our Champion for the finished work even if it’s only seen through the eyes of faith. If we wait until we see it, we’ll miss what He’s giving us right now, and we risk that the people we want to see on the other side of those afflictions may only see the critical, finger-pointing of the enemy instead of an All Powerful Savior Who did it ALL for us.

It’s time for the Kingdom of God to reign in our hearts, to leap off our tongues, and end the suffering once and for all.

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven …

… overcome evil with good ….

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things …

Behold, I make all things new.” ~ Jesus

As He IS so are WE in this world. Let’s go love someone to wellness today.

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